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Chocolate and Art show in San Francisco!

Image This is happening This Thursday and Friday! I will be showing 3 of my Torn Porn pieces at this two day event for adults only!

So much happening!

Just sent this off to the printer for this February disco themed event! So much fun!

First Friday at Agency downtown Santa Cruz!

Hope you can come on by this friday from 6-8 to visit with me and view my art I just hung up at this fun store!

Working on 2 more "Portraits" this week!

A little progress on these two porntraits I started over the weekend. Made with a mix of vintage paper from 1950-70s adult magazines. Will be unveiling all these beauties at my Open Studio show this October! #pinup #fineart #art #centerfold #vintagemagazine #adult #boobs #teehee #mixedmedia #tornpornart #nakedandnotafraid #nudeart #nudes #playboymagazine #penthouse #magazine #retro #oldmagazine #1950s #1960s #pose

Custom tote bag design!

Gayles Bakery tote sample is approved! This reusable bag is now in production and will be available in Aug/Sept!

Mark your calendar for this Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing event!


Automotive art for a tee shirt!

Been so busy that I keep forgetting to update my page! Here's a tee design for a garage/auto shop in the UK!

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I have been super busy so keep forgetting to add some updates to my blog. Here it goes!

Been working for the Santa Cruz American Music Festival, creating posters, tee and ad art! Super fun and I look forward to the show this coming May and I get backstage passes too!