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psychedelic poster design

I've been asked to design a poster for an art and education fundraiser in 2011. The theme is 1960's so I thought a psychedelic style is in order. This is what I've done so far. Still need to work on the text, making into more distorted. Having fun with this!

Street art up in San Francisco.

While up in San Francisco this past weekend, we discovered great graffiti in the Dog Patch district.

My first business card

Cleaning my office cabinets, I found my very first business card. I think this is from 1985! I remember I wanted it to resemble a matchbook. Instead of matches, I had two goofy clown characters. No wonder I didn't get any work!

Family Crest for Winery

Just finished up this crest for a local winery who requested their pet Labradoodle and parrot adorn the top! I drew the entire illustration using Adobe Illustrator with a little help from Photoshop to make some of the hatch lines.