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What colors should you use????

Check out this site that's all about color. Great ideas and inspiration!

Fun wine event in Santa Cruz coming up!

Just finished up the poster and rack card for the local Dare to Pair wine and food event. Should be fun!

Logo number 8 is complete!


Blue Lotus produce bags

My client Blue Lotus got some praise and a mention at for their reusable produce bags with my art on em!

Photoshop rocks!

Had a client in for some head shots and he was very excited about getting a Photoshop facelift! So easy to whiten teeth, lighten dark under eye circles and give them that glamourous skin!

Website design round 2

Here's a site I'm working on. It's for a new product for men who wear pocket squares called the Hanky Buddy. When the site is up, you'll be able to learn all about the history of the pocket square, how to fold them and order a Hanky Buddy to keep your square from slipping down into your suit, tux or sport coat pocket!

Blue Lotus Goods!

My client Blue Lotus is heading to Anaheim Natural Products Expo West. Bags are sold at New Leaf, Whole foods and other locations in CA!

Technical logo design

Just finished up this logo for a new client who wanted a shield shape. A few highlights really gave this design some flair!