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Logos, logos, logos.

Updated a logo for a hotel somewhere in Zanzibar ( I think). Here's the comps I just sent to them. The blue stacked ovals are my clients idea and represent a thought bubble as in thinking with no limit. "think blue". I also have one to design for a client who has a sport/rock band site and got a call from a nice man referred to me by another client who's business is music.

Learning Photography!

Sometimes I just need a good photo fast, so I invested in a digital SLR to not only get that quick pic, but to learn to take better photos. Plus, it's fun being creative with lighting, subjects and of course get better vacation pics! Soon, I'll offer photography to my clients!

And the winner is.... Brown/Green final colors.

I have quite a full plate this month through next with new logo designs, a trifold brochure, 5 website designs, local brewing company Costco packaging and a cycling jersey!

Logo comps for new client.

Here's two logo designs I created for a new client. Still awaiting feedback from them and once the logo is finalized, business cards, brochure and a web site design is next!

Website headers

Working up some fun headers for my clients new website. Illustrations to reflect the personality and location of company. These are just a portion of a few.