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Name story logo

Working on this idea for a local winery, MJA Winey in Santa Cruz that will float over photos and white space on their new website. Acorns represent the mountain winery, coffee beans since they roast em and a Hawaiian flair cause the Westside tasting room has plenty of Aloha spirit!

Medieval Santa Cruz village illustration

Holy macaroni! This illustration re-draw took some hours. A medieval village with some Santa Cruz landmarks will hang in a new local brewery sometime in the near future. I snuck my logo in it somewhere. It's like a "Where's Waldo"!

YIKES! I haven't posted in some time. Been quite busy!

Here's a photo I took this week. 4 young kids can be quite the handfull when trying to take a successful photo but, luckily this group was pretty easy. I love this pic with all the kids laughing and grandmom in the center with pure love on her face enjoying every second of it!