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Think Local First!

I just joined our Santa Cruz "Think Local First" organization. Think Local First - County of Santa Cruz is a network of independent and locally owned businesses and community organizations joining together to promote economic vitality and preserve the unique character of our community.

Website design

Here's the start of a website design for my client Carlotta Cellars. They wanted something clean and easy to navigate.


I'm working up little sticker designs for one of my clients. Here's a peek but that's all I can show or say for now.

My new business card!


Character development for GoGirlzzz

I was asked to create a few characters for my client, One sporty, the other with a music theme. This is the start of the sporty one. More exaggeration is needed on the body. Right now she's a bit stiff!

New logo

A friend asked me for my logo and... I don't even have one! So I made this today using my cat Rozwell's head.


Since the front of a brochure is all people will see when scanning display racks, you have to make sure the design is appealing and makes prospective customers want to pick it up!

A little break from designing yesterday.

Between design projects, I beg my friends to come over and pose for me so I can improve my photography. Here's Kathleen who made it easy since she's photogenic and has great skin! Not to much photoshop work. Just played around with exposure and blending modes.

Wine bottle mock up.

Getting close to completion!