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Comic panel

Here's one of 6 illustrations I'm working on for a California bicycle light company. These are fun to work on and I'm using more gradients than I normally use. I may drop the finals into Photoshop for some texture.

Photography Workshop photo

Spent a full day up in San Francisco learning photography, posing and some technical stuff on exposures and lighting. Here's a photo I took of the "Goth" bride and groom who were fun to photograph!

Freelance Camp 2010 artwork is complete!

Here's the final art for the Freelance Camp event in Santa Cruz this October! If your interested in participating in the event go to their website

Illustration project

Yeah a fun project to work on today! Been working on website and packaging for the past few months so more technical. This is a sneak peek of the art. When finalized, I'll post the full piece!

I forgot all about these characters!

I created about 20 little saucer-eyed kids a few years ago. I call them Oggles and I used to sell kids tee's with them printed on the front. Need to do something with all these silly creations one day!

Website near completion!

Getting very close to finishing up a clients website. 4 months and many, many hours of work!