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Photography Workshop

Heading out for a photo workshop about Portraits. Should be fun!

Vampires are so hot right now!

Vampires are everywhere these days with Twilight, True Blood and band Vampire Weekend so I thought I'd post a vampire illustration I created a few years ago.

Logo Lounge design book has arrived!

3 of my logo designs are published in Logo Lounge, MASTER library, Animals and Mythology (Rockport Publishing). This book is now available at bookshops and online. I own a few Logo Lounge books which I often use for reference, so it's very exciting to have some of my work apart of their collection!

Artist of the week!

Made Creative of the week on ! Oh and here's a cute photo of my cat Rozwell I took today. She looks angry, but I can guarantee, she's not!


Need a Facebook, Twitter or any other social media icon for your website design? Check out They have a great variety of pre-made FREEEEEEEE icons.

Cool photoshop plug-ins!

Maybe you already know about Mister Retro but if not, checkout these cool plug-ins for great textures and patterns to enhance your designs. I have a couple sets and they come in handy!

Dangers of the internet when your focus is lacking.

Why work when you can search endlessly online for useless stuff. Searched some vacation spots, downloaded a few new songs off of itunes, looked at some cute dresses (and shoes), checked out some cool bike sites and oh... I do have some photos that I took last week on Will snap out of it soon and get back to work, really!

Nice post on my work I found today online.

Thank you to everyone who enjoy my work and silly sense of humor!

Granola, Cookies, Pie and more!

Working up package designs for a local bakery. I created "baker man" years ago for their coffee cups and now he's coming back to represent all the goodies they sell in stores and soon, online.

Funny youtube video on Photoshops, content aware tool.

I like to go on youtube and watch tutorials now and then. I came across this one yesterday about how to use the content aware tool in Photoshop CS5. The instructor is pretty funny with his swearing and notice the instant messages that keep popping up on the bottom of the screen. Even with while chuckling, I did learn how to use the tool properly. youtube content aware tutorial

What makes a great logo?

Every once in awhile, I get a new client who requests to have a rough mock up using clip art or a sketch they did, turned into a logo for their company. Some can be a great start and others, not so much. When I get a "not so much", I send them to this article on a blog I found What is a great logo? It explains what types of designs are effective and the principals that make a great logo.


Here's a quick sketch of a female character for a blog I'm working on. I love how in Illustrator CS5 you can paint with "bristle brushes" to get a watercolor or even a magic marker look!