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Back to crashing/freezing

Well... the Adobe support suggestions didn't work after all. I called Apple so to see if they had any suggestions. Perhaps it's conflicting with my OS so I'm going to update to Snow Leopard. Fingers crossed!

FYI Photoshop CS5 users.

I've been having problems with photoshop when using the TYPE tool. Adobe suggests the following: Choose Photoshop > Preferences > Type (Mac OS), or Edit > Preferences > Type (Windows).Deselect Font Preview Size.Retest your issue to determine if this solved the problem. It seemed to help me and so far no crashing. Problematic fonts can also cause the program to freeze.

Go Green!

Want to go green with design? Check this blog that I stumbled upon which has great tips for a better designers green world! BLOG LINK

Need package design inspiration?

Check out The Die Line

Arches National Park, Utah

Spent a few days in Moab this past weekend and took some photos in Arches National Park. After playing around in photoshop I gave the first pic some depth and gold tone colors to make it sorta vintage looking. Second one is one my husband took of me walking back. I desaturated it and then gave it a subtle greenish tone.

Logo design ideas.

Here's a few ideas for a client that I worked on today. Need to tweak the leaf more!