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Runner up, Artist of the year!

I got runner up for artist of the year here in Santa Cruz! Thank you everyone who voted for me!
Good Times Weekly

Editors Choice!

I won editors Choice on (NAPP National Association of Professional Photographers) earlier this month and just found out now!

Before and after shots

Walked around downtown yesterday and took some pic's of the locals and downtown area. Here's two photos before and after some photoshop work and also used NIK software plug ins.


Photoshop is such an awesome program! A blurry shot of my cat sitting by the window went from bleh to dramatic after a few minutes in photoshop.

Wine labels are off to print!

My client Carlotta Cellars is getting ready to bottle 3 varietals next month! Labels will be printed on 100% recycled paper!

Beautiful Baby!

Ran over to a friends house and spent about 30 minutes photographing her beautiful 2 month old baby girl. Practicing using natural lighting and here's a few after some post production work in Photoshop.

Start of a pin up character

I'm working on an illustration and logo for a new company. I don't want to say what it is yet till I get the OK from my client but, here's a sneak peak!

Got a little feature on MUJERES diseñadoras' Facebook fan page

Gained 40 fans from this like on Facebook! Thank you for posting me!MUJERES disenadoras'

Temporary Pie label

My clients needs a pie label/sticker for an upcoming event. Something that they can print the pie type and it's ingredients on.
I used the baker character I created for their coffee cups in the past and colors from their bread line.

Website design round 2

Working up another idea for a clients site. This one is interesting with it's wood textured background and pencil drawings here and there.

Baby photo shoot!

Here's a few pic's friends baby I took the other day.

This week has flown by!

Today, working on an ad (near complete, just waiting for proper photo), postcards for local gym designed and ready for print and now back to cookie packaging. Tomorrow a photo shoot with mom and baby.