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Current projects: website header update, reusable shopping bag art, business card design and new character development.
Shown: 2 sided square business card design comp.

You Tube video with one of my beer label designs

MY bro - in - law sent this to me:
"Last week, The Washington Post morons Dana Millibank and Chris Cillizza in this video thought they were doing a clever Beer Summit video for which they got in a lot of trouble from their Editors for suggesting Hillary should drink Mad Bitch. But check out min 3:07 on the video your "Devout Stout!" label is featured. "

Another wine label illustration.

Here's another wine label piece I'm working on for a local winery. Still finalizing the font and colors. This is the one color idea.
I really wanted to have a Bigfoot hiding in the trees, oh well.